Our Laboratory

The Laboratory of Laser spectroscopy is a part of the research program Materials Characterization and Advanced Coatings (RG1-6) at the Central European Institute of Technology Brno University of Technology (CEITEC BUT).

Our field of study is Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). We follow up with the 20 years of tradition in the interdisciplinary research and development, combining engineering, analytical chemistry, statistics and now even biology. Our long-term commitment is encouraged by the high-quality and motivating environment of CEITEC where we have the opportunity to carry out our specific research. Our common goal is to provide researchers with a high-end state of the art instrumentation.

Our primary research aim on providing the elemental analysis of investigated samples. This feature is beneficially used in the elemental mapping enabling valuable perspective in the understanding of the material itself, ranging from geological to biological samples.

Our vision

  • to transfer high-end science to a daily routine.

Our mission

  • to bridge the gap between technical and bio- sciences,
  • to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation,
  • to provide professional analytical services.

Cooperation with other research groups

Our research topics span over interdisciplinary fields which demands more intense cooperation. Therefore, we closely cooperate on common research projects with other research groups in the CEITEC facility, including both engineering and biological sciences. From the long-term perspective, we aim at delivering groundbreaking in bioengineering.

Naturally, we cooperate with the laboratory of Computed Tomography. Together we have already published several impacted articles and are involved in various research projects. The joint utilization of spectroscopic and tomographic techniques enables more complex investigation (chemical and structural) of a sample. More information may be found here.

At CEITEC MU (Masaryk University) we cooperate with the research group originally based at the department of chemistry, which provides other additional, reference and complementary, analyses to LIBS.

Our services

Our research laboratory is a part of the CEITEC NANO and CEITEC core facility. Thus, we offer the analytical capability of spectroscopic instrumentation for other researchers as well as for representatives of a public sector. Find out more about our capabilities here.