Research infrastructure of the Laser Spectroscopy laboratory

The laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy at CEITEC Brno University of Technology is equipped with two state-of-the-art LIBS instruments, i.e., LIBS FireFly by Lightigo and LIBS Discovery developed in-house.

Figure: View of the laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy.

LIBS FireFly

FireFly is a laboratory analytical instrument developed by the Lightigo Company (Brno, Czech Republic). It is specialized in rapid multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging of solid samples. Follow this link (Lightigo FireFly) to get more detailed information.

The FireFly LIBS system enables namely the following features:

  • multi-elemental detection (including Li, Be, H),
  • elemental imaging (≥ 10 μm lateral resolution),
  • large-scale analysis (up to 100×100 mm2).

Figure: LIBS FireFly by Lightigo company.

LI BS Discovery

Discovery is a laboratory LIBS research setup consisting of an instrumentation cabinet and the LIBS Interaction Chamber mounted on an optical breadboard. The cabinet provides enough space for multiple shelves with LIBS instrumentation (laser head, spectrometers, power meters, calibration lamps, etc.) and rack-compatible components (control electronics, PC, laser PSU, etc.).

The advanced performance of LIBS Discovery, compared to the LIBS FireFly is in the capability to simulate atmospheric conditions of celestial bodies, e.g., Mars: CO2 at 10 mbar, and even the Moon: <10-7 mbar.

Figure: LIBS Discovery in the laboratory.